Admission Details


  • The students (above the age of 18) and the parent or the legal guardian of the students (below the age of 18) are to give an undertaking at the time of admission that they would abide by the rules of discipline of the college. In case there is any breach of rules of discipline by any student, he/she will be asked to take his/her college leaving certificate.
  • The students have to bring their respective identity cards when they come to the college. They have to produce their identity cards whenever/wherever they are asked to do so.
  • Outsiders are strictly prohibited to enter the college campus. Any body found moving on the college premises without any genuine purposes will be handed over to the law and order authorities, if the college authority so feels.
  • Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctuality. Continuous absence without permission is a serious breach of college discipline.
  • Students are required to take their seats before the teacher enters the class room. They should not ordinarily leave their seats when the class is going on.
  • A student coming late and seeking permission to enter the class-room, may be allowed to do so at the discretion of the teacher concerned.
  • In any circumstances teaching shall not be interrupted by any student in the class room.
  • The student should behave in the class room in a disciplined manner and be attentive to the teacher.
  • Students not connected with a class in progress should not assemble in front of the class room or make noise. They are strictly forbidden to loiter on the veranda and the corridors.
  • Students of the college cannot start or maintain any club, society or Association without permission from the college authorities.
  • No college player can play for any other team without seeking written permission from the Principal
  • No permission is required for college students other than bearers to attend political meetings, but they should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the proceedings. It is to be borne in mind. However that the college exists for the purpose of education; politics in college should be dealt with in a scholarly way in the form of lectures and thoughtful addresses. The principal may, however, prohibit all students from attending a political meeting. (Article No.114 of the Orissa Education code
  • Students should keep their bicycles/motor cycles in the cycle stand. They should not keep them in the verandah or under the portico or in front of the college office. This must be strictly adhered to. They are prohibited from loitering in the campus on Bikes/Cycles.
  • Students are required to go to the specified counter to get their work done. They should not enter the office for any purpose without permission.
  • Students are required to maintain discipline at the counters.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the Staff Common Room, In case a student has some work with a member of the staff, he/she is required to inform through the attendant of the Common Room.
  • Students should put their grievances in writing and put it the complaint box kept near principal’s room.
    1. Students should not normally enter the office of the principal. If they want to meet him on some urgent issue they should take his prior permission.
    2. Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars, doors and windows of the college is strictly prohibited.
    3. Students are warned not to handle bicycles or vehicles belonging to others.
    4. Scribing, pasting placards, posters and other papers disfiguring college walls are strictly prohibited.
    5. If any student is found taking intoxicants like alcohol, gutukha, ganga or drugs, he will be severely dealt with and if the situation so warrants he may be handed over to law and order authorities.
    6. If any student uses obscene language he/she shall severely be dealt with.
    7. Students should maintain perfect discipline in the reading room. They should not get involved in tearing or soiling the journals or the magazines or news papers. Students must not displace or damage the furniture or fittings of the college. Any damage to the college property shall be viewed seriously and the students concerned shall be penalized.
    8. The students should not stick any bills or notice on the walls, nor should he scribe on the walls floors and surface of the college building.
  • Political activities of any student shall not be entertained. The Principal prohibits the students from attending any political meeting or indulging in any political activity.
  • There shall be a Discipline Committee appointed by Principal comprising some members of the staff to maintain discipline in the college.

Students are required to maintain perfect discipline in the class rooms and outside or any other function of the college. Misbehavior with the Principal, members of the teaching & Non-teaching staff, classmates or any girl student will be seriously viewed and severely dealt with. On any complaint of misbehavior the Principal may himself enquire into the allegation or may ask the discipline committee or constitute an enquiry committee to inquire into the allegation. Once the allegation is substantiated, the Discipline committee may suggest the Principal the penalties to be imposed. The staff Council may be consulted for final decision. However, the decision of Principal regarding punitive action against a student will be final.


  1. Every student will be assigned with a Proctorial group placed under the charge of a proctor who shall be a member of the teaching staff.
  2. The student shall meet the proctor at least once a month or as many times as necessary to discuss difficulties and problems.
  3. The student shall furnish all such information to the proctor as are required for the maintenance of the Proctorial record.
  4. No student shall leave headquarters without informing the proctor.
  5. No student can ordinarily meet the Principal on official business without permission from the proctor, nor can any application be submitted without the recommendation of the proctor.
  6. The student shall always be available and readily meet the proctor as and when required and carry on such duties as the proctor may assign from time to time.


  1. A student is required to attend at least 75% of the general lectures and 75% of the practical classes to be eligible to appear at the College/CHSE/University examination.
  2. Condonation of attendance between 60% and 75% may be granted in exceptional cases.
  3. Further Condonation of the attendance to the extent of 5% may be granted by the syndicate, when the candidate represents the University or state on deputation for specific purpose (to be recorded in writing).
  4. Application for Condonation of attendance on medical grounds will not be considered for the period, if the name of the student has been struck off from the College rolls for any reason.

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