Strategic Goals


Supporting the overall academic success of students :

Supporting the overall academic success of the students needs orientation, participation in seminars and workshops on the part of the teacher. The basic infrastructure of the college is to be strengthened. The average economic situation of the students of this backward area are being very low, steps need to be initiated to improve their living conditions. Hostels and mess facilities have to be improved.

The long term plan is to go for land acquisition and creation of a bigger reading room keeping in view of the student strength. Purchase of books for library bringing the student to books ratio to 2:1. Creation of a wifi campus so as to facilitate students in the learning process.

Increasing the graduation rates of under-represented students:

The under represented students who belong to SC/ST/OBC, women and differently abled or generally deprived off science education because of the cost factor. A long term plan is to construct new hostels for SC/ST students so they can reside cheaply. The students will be counseled by experts in various fields so as to bring them forward to present day needs.

Improving the employment placement rate of students after graduation:

Launching of courses in IT, Computer Science (DCA & PGDCA), Accounting packages other such courses relevant to present market is required. Career counseling and placement cell have to be further strengthened to guide the students. Launch of Entrepreneurship cell in the college campus and providing hand holding experience through various agencies like DIC, Rayagada; EDII, Bhubaneswar and De-Asra, Pune.

The college has already started collaborations with BYST(Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust) – JK paper who are encouraging entrepreneurial activities in Rayagada.

Building environmentally sustainable campus facilities:

Required number of washrooms & toilets are to be put in place for women students and female staff. The institution needs to be equipped with a good sewage system and devices for waste disposal. Plantation and improvement of garden, provisions for dustbins, regular cleaning and installation of solar devices to conserve energy are to be done. The tubelights and regular bulbs are to be replaced by more energy efficient LED bulbs and rainwater harvesting is to be done on every possible buildings of the college.


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