The NSS has been introduced in this College since 1972 to promote national consciousness and to in-calculate a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.

Specific Objectives:

  • The specific objectives of NSS are
    • To arouse the students social consciousness and provide opportunities.
    • To work with and among the people
    • To engage in non-violent and constructive social activities
    • To enhance the knowledge of self and the community through a confrontation with reality.
    • To put scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the social problems and
    • To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.

There are four NSS units in the college including one Girls unit and each unit consists of fifty students volunteers for a period of at least two years. Each volunteer has to choose one of the following groups.

  • Social Service and village development
  • Adult literary Drive
  • Village survey and Campus project.

There will be one special camp for all the above groups. Attendance in week-end camps and annual camps (75% attendance minimum) is obligatory. Certificates are issued to deserving volunteers.

Special Camping Programme:

  • Special camping programmes are organized by the NSS preferably during long and short vacations in the rural community or adopted villages near the college or slums assigned to the college.
  • The camp provides opportunity to the students to work with and among the people in order to fulfill their felt needs through co-operative effort.
  • It helps the student youth to react in a live situation in a society and develop a positive attitude to make contributions for the betterment of fellow human beings.
  • The interactions between the College and the adopted village, the society and the University increase the social conscience and the social responsibility of the student volunteers and fill them with a sense of participation in national development.

Project to be undertaken by our college:

  • Construction of homes for homeless in slum area
  • Planning for better environment and economic development
  • Plantation and preservation of trees in college campus and adopted villages
  • Planning for child and child education in slum areas and adopted villages.
  • Planning for health related programmes like eye operation camps, blood donation camps and First Aid in slum areas and adopted villages.
  • Campaign against social evils and superstitions.
  • Legal aid to poor and when necessary.

Code of conduct for NSS Volunteers

  • A volunteer should work under the guidance of Programme Officer and Group Leader
  • He/she must abide by all the rules and discipline.
  • He/she must respect the other man’s point of view and make his/her self worthy of the confidence of the community where he is working.
  • His/her dress, diet and disposition should be as simple as possible during his work as volunteer.
  • It is a part of his/her duty to promote the NSS objective, practice an example in order to inspire trust and co-ordination of the local people.
  • For solution of a problem he should use non-violent and peaceful means.

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