Career Counseling & Placement Cell


The initiatives for appointment of placement officers in Universities and Autonomous College in the state was taken by the Department of Higher Education vide its communication No: 1-HE/UM-24/2007-30558(32)/HE Dt; 31-07-2007.

Prof. in-charges:

Coordinator: Dr. Pradeep Samantaroy, Lect. in Chemistry

Asst. Coordinator: Sri. Sumanta Kumar Sahu, Lect. in Physics

Career Counselling 5 year report


Program conducted in the session 2021-22:

  • 10-07-2021: Online placement program conducted by GMK Laboratory
  • No. of student participated: 31, No. of student selected: 03
  • 11-09-2021: National Webinar on “Financial Education on Wealth Management”
  • Speaker: Sri. Raghunandan Pattnaik, National Trainer-BFSI
  • No. of participants: 110
  • 25-11-2021: Placement program by HCL Technologies
  • No. of participants: 140
  • 16-12-2021: Entrepreneurship Awareness Program
  • Speaker 1: Prof. Prafulla Kumar Dhal, GM CSR & State Head, Sparsh Social Foundation & JK Paper
  • Speaker 2: Ms. Kamini Singh, Development Economist
  • Speaker 3: Mr. Ranjit Kumar Das, Development Professional
  • No. of participants: 191
  • 26-04-2022: Career Counselling Program
  • Speaker 1: Prof. Ranjit Kumar Padhi, ASTHA School of Management
  • Speaker 2: Sri. Shree Kolachina, IT Professional
  • No. of participants: 140