Sl.No. Particulars Name of the incumbent
1. Secretary, Staff Council Sri S.N. Tripathy


a) Administrative
b) Academic
c) Accounts
d) Associate Accts.


Sri S.N.Tripathy
Sri P.K. Porichha
P.C. Senapati

3 Academic Council-Chairman
Teacher Representatives

Experts Form Out side

University Representatives
(For two sessions i.e 20017-2018 & 2018-19)

All HODs
Sri P.C Senapati
Cpt. G.P Tripathy
Sri K.C Mishra
Ms.Liza Rani Satapathy
Dr. G.V Ramana
Sri Suresh Kumar
Sri A.K Panigrahi
Sri Binayak Kar
Dr. Gouri Sankar Lal,Prof.In.Com
Sri S.K Tripathy,Prof.In.Physics
Dr. A.Rath,Prof.In.Homs Science
4 Finance Committee
G.B’s. nominee
Teacher Representative
(For two sessions i.e 20017-2018 & 2018-19)
Principal (Ex-officio)
To be nominated by G.B.
Sri P.C Senapati (Accounts Bursar)
Sri K.C Mishra (Asst. Accounts Bursar)
5 Examination Committee-Chairman

Members from (AC)
(For two sessions i.e 20017-2018 & 2018-19)

Sri. S.N. Tripathy
Sri P.K Porichha
Sri. P.C. Senapati
Cpt. G.P. Tripathy
Sri A.K Khadaga
Sri Jagannath Patnaik, Controller of Examinations.

College Development Council

a) Chairman

b) Coordinator

c) Members

Principal (Ex-officio)
Cpt. G.P. Tripathy
Sri. S.N. Tripathy
Sri P.K Porichha
Sri. P.C. Senapati
Smt. N. Mohanty
Sri A.K Khadaga
Sri. Udaya Nayak
Sri. Ramesh Ch. Hulka

Library Committee-Executive Chairman Members

Secretary (Librarian-ex-officio)
Principal’s Nominee
(For two sessions i.e 20017-2018 & 2018-19)

Sri P.K Gantayat
Smt. K.B Achary
Sri. Bamdeb Mishra
All HODs
UGC in Charge (Sri. P.K Porichha)
Sri. D.G. Patnaik
Smt. M. Panigrahi Asst. Lib.
8. Prof. in-charge of Reading Room
(For two sessions i.e 20017-2018 & 2018-19)
Sri Siba Prasad Pidika
Ms. K.K. Jani
Sri. T.K. Benia (Pls. nominee)
9. Controller of Examinations
Asst. Controller of Examinations
Sri Jagannath Patnaik
Sri. M.K. Patnaik
10. Prof. in-charge of Autonomy Sri A.K. Khadanga
11. Prof.-in-charge of Govt.(Jr.)Vocational college Sri. S.Palo
12. Prof. in-charge of Examinations
(+3 Stream)

(+2 Stream)

Dr. R.K Pandit
Sri A.K.Sahu
Sri Subrat Kumar Pradhan
Smt. B.L.Shroff
Sri. A. Srinivas
Sri. M.Srinibash Achary
13. Prof.-in-charge of Admissions
(+3 Stream)
Sri. S.C Palo
Smt K.B Achary
Sri Bhabesh Mohanty
Sri. Ashutosh Prayas Das
Sri. Prasant Sahu
Ms. Himalaya Sabar
Sri. Bamdev Mishra
Ms. Manasi Mohanty
Ms. Pooja Patnaik
14. Prof.-in-charge of Admissions
(+2 Stream)
Sri. Y.V Sai Madhav
Dr. B. Biswal
Sri K. Sashi
Sri. T. Jyoti
Sri. Udaya Nayak
Sri. Siba Prasad Pidika
Ms. K.K Jani
Sri. Jitu Hikoka
Sri Niti Minayak
M. Toika
15. Students Welfare Committee Cpt. G.P. Tripathy
Smt. V.R Ratnasri
Dr. A.K Mishra
Sri. A.K Khadanga
Ms. Liza Rani Satapathy
16. Issue of C.L.C, Study Certificate. And Conduct
Certificate for +2 & +3 students
Sri. P.C Senapati
Smt. N. Mohanty
17. Issue of Duplicate Identity Card, Renewal of I.Card,
Provisional Certificates, Admit Cards, Marksheets for +2 & +3 students
Sri. P.K. Porichha
Cpt. G.P Tripahty
18. Prof. In Charge of Time Table Sri. K. Sashi
Sri. Prasanta Kumar Sahu
Sri. Ashutosh Prayas Das
19. Prof. in-charge of UGC 1) Sri P.K.Porichha
2) Sri Bhabseh Mohanty
20. Editorial Board of College Magazine Ms. K.P Sahani
Smt. N. Mohanty
Dr. B. Biswal
Smt. T. Jyoti
Sri. M. Srinibash Achary
Sri. Rupadhar Gomanga
21. College Calendar Smt. K.P.Sahani
Sri V.R Ratnasri
Sri. Uday Nayak
Sri. M.Srinibash Achary
22. Prof. In-charge of Staff Common Room Sri. P.G Patnaik
Sri R.K Behera
23. Prof. In-charge of Women’s Cell Smt K.P.Sahani
Smt. V.R Ratnasri
Smt. B.L.Shroff
Smt. T.Jyoti
Ms. Manasi Mohanty.
24. Prof. In-charge of Internal Complaint Committee 1) Smt N.Mohanty (Presiding Officer
2) Smt. Smt.R.L.Devi
3) Smt. T.Jyoti
4) Ms. C.P.Panda.
25. Prof. In-charge of furniture & electrical Sri. A.K.Sahu
Sri. Nayudu Mohan
Sri. B.D. Mishra
26. Prof. In-charge Building & Campus Maintenance 1) Dr.R.K.Pandit
2) Sri A.Srinivas
3) Dr.Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy
4) Sri Tubal Kumar Beniya
27. Prof. In-charge of NCC (Boys) Capt. G.P. Tripathy
28. Prof. In-charge of NCC (Girls) Ms. Archana Patnaik
29. Prof. In-charge of YRC Dr. A.K.Mishra
30. Prof. In-charge of N.S.S Sri A.K.Khadanga
Ms. Liza Rani Satapathy
Dr. Ashis Kumar Sahu
31. Prof. In-charge of Garden Sri Nayudu Mohan
Sri Rajesh Ku. Behera
32. Prof. In-charge of Scholarship/ Free Student Ship Smt. Bharati Achary
Sri. Jitu Hikoka
Sri. Tubal Ku. Beniya
Sri. Niti Minyak
33. Prof. In-charge Discipline &
Grievance Redressal Committee
Cpt. G.P. Tripathy(Presiding Officer) Sri. S.N.Tripathy
Sri. P.K. Poricha
Smt. V.R. Ratnasri
Smt. R.L. Devi
Dr. P.K. Samantaroy
Smt. B. Patro
Sri. Udaya Nayak
Sri. Ramesh Ch. Huika
34. Prof. In charge R.T.I
Dr.A.K. Mishra
Sri. B.D. Mishra
Sri. N.N. Sahu
35. Prof. In charge RUSA Dr. P.K.Gantayat
36. Prof. In charge AISHE Dr. A.K.Mishra
37. IQAC In charge Chairman Co-ordinator Member Principal
Sri. P.C. Senapati
38. Prof.Incharge of Students: Union Advisor
Associate Advisors
Smt. N. Mohanty
Cpt. G.P. Tripathy
Smt V.R. Ratnasri
Sri. A.K. Sahu
Sri P.G. Patnaik
Sri Udaya Naik
Ms. K.K. Jani
39. Prof.Incharge of Athletic Association
Associate Advisors
Sri. K.C.Mishra
Sri. K.Sashi
Sri. P.G.Patnaik
Sri. A.K.Sahu
Sri. Nayudu Mohan
Dr. Pradeep Ku. Samantaroy
Sri. Niti Minayak
40. Prof.Incharge of Dramatic Association:
Associate Vice-Presidents
Dr. B. Biswal
Sri. B. Patro
Ms. Liza Rani Satapathy
Sri. Ashutosh Prayas Das
Smt. U. Mishra
41. Prof.Incharge of Students Welfare Committee Cpt. G.P. Tripathy
Smt. V.R. Ratnasri
Dr. A.K. Mishra
Sri. A.K. Khadanga
Ms. Liza Rani Satapathy
42. Prof.Incharge of SAF Dr. B. Biswal
Ms. K.K. Jani
Sri. Prashant Ku. Sahu
43. Prof. In- charge of Tabulation



Ms Himalaya Sabar
Ms. Pooja Patnai
Smt. T. Jyoti
Sri. Rupadhar Gomango
Ms. Lizarani Satapathy
Sri. B.D. Mishra
44. Prof. In-charge of Boys Common Room Sri. P.K. Sahu
Dr. A.K. Sahu
Sri. Siba Prasad Pidika
45. Prof. In-charge of Girls Common Room Smt.R.L Devi
Smt. T.Jyoti
Ms. K.K. Jani
Ms. Priyadarshini Bal
46. Prof Incharge of Literary Association :
Sri. Rupadhar Gomanga
47. Prof. Incharge of Science Association
Vice Precident
Sri. A.K.Khadanga
Sri Bhabesh Mohanty
Sri. Ramesh Kumar Hulka
48. Prof. Incharge of Commerce Association
Vice Precident
Ms. Liza Rani Satapathy
Ms. K.K. Jani
Sri A.P. Dash
Sri B.D. Mishra
49. Members of Pooja Committee Dr.B.Biswal
Smt. R.L.Devi
Smt. U. Mishra
Dr. Pradeep Kumar SamantaRoy
Sri Bhabesh Mohanty
50. Prof. In-charge of +3 Cultural Association Smt. K.P. Sahani
Sri P.G.Patnaik
Ms. A.Patnaik
Sri. Prasanta Kumar Sahu
51. Prof. in-charge of +2 Cultural Association Sri. K.Sashi
Sri. Jitu Hikoka
Sri. Rajesh Ku. Behera
52. Prof. In-charge of Internet cafe/NMECI/Wi-fi Dr. P.K Samantaroy
Sri Bhavesh Mohanty
Sri. M.R. Toika
53. Prof. In-charge of Career Counsil & Assessment Cell Sri. K.C.Mishra
Dr. Asish Kumar Sahoo
54. Prof. In-charge of Self Defence for College girls
Dist. Co-ordinator
College I/C
Sri. A.K. Khadanga
Smt. U. Mishra
Ms. K.K. Jani
Ms. Pooja Patnaik
55. Prof. In-charge of Language Lab Sri. S.N. Tripathy
Sri. P.C. Senapati
Smt. K.P. Sahani
Sri. Udaya Nayak
Sri. M.Srinibas Achary
56. Hostel Superintendent
Nagabali Superintendent
Sri. Udaya Naik
Sri. Jitu Hikoka
57. Hostel Superintendent
P.M.G Superintendent
Sri. Ramesh Chandra Huika
Sri. Sibaprasad Pidika
58. Hotel Advisory Board Sri. S.N. Tripathy
Sri. P.K. Porichha
Capt. G.P. Tripathy
Smt. V.R. Ratnashree
59. Prof. In-charge of Govt. Concurrence/University/Council Affiliation Sri. A.K.Khadanga
Sri. Niti Miniyaka
60. Prof. In-charge of College Website Sri. M.K. Patnaik
Sri Bhabesh Mohanty
Dr. Ashis Ku. Sahu

Prof. in – charge of RAYCOS

Sales Manager

Sri. K.Ch. Mishra
Dr. P.K.Gantayet
Sri. M. Toika
62. Prof. In–charge of Women’s Hostel
Deputy Superintendent
Smt. N.Mohanty
Ms. Himalaya Sabar
Ms. Pooja Patnaik
63. Automation Maintenance & Dev. Committee Sri. P.K.Porichha
Sri. M.K. Patnaik
Sri. D.G.P.Tripathy
Dr. P.K. Samantaroy.
64. Research Dev. Committee Dr. P.K. Gantayat
Ms. Manasi Patnaik
65. Prof. In-charge of IT Dr. P.K. Samantaroy


There Are Two Hostels for the college students One is Nagabali which has 2 campuses (each 100 seats ) with all facilties as follows

  1. Bath Room,& Latrin for each block.
  2. Beds for each student.
  3. Lights and fans as required.
  4. Common Room with a T.V. & a Dish connection

and the other is PMG. which contains only 1 campus of 100 seats with below facilities

  1. Bath Room,& Latrin for each block.
  2. Beds for each student.
  3. Lights and fans as required.
  4. Common Room with a T.V. & a Dish connection
  1. Men’s Hostels for SC/ST students are provided by the college.
  2. Students, who desire to reside in the Hostel, will have to mention their intention clearly in the application form under the appropriate head without mentioning the name of any hostel. No student can claim as a matter of right, to stay in a particular hostel or a particular room or seat.
  3. The selection for admission to hostel is made strictly on merit and good conduct after admission into the college
  4. Students staying in the hostel will be under the direct control of the Principal.
  5. Seats to be allotted in the rooms will be determined by the Superintendent.
  6. Hostel furniture duly numbered shall be issued to the boarders and the boarders shall be held responsible for any damage. In case of damage to electric installations the boarders shall be held responsible collectively.
  7. The roll call and attendance will b taken daily at the end of evening prayer at 5.50p.m. in the dining hall by the Assistant Superintendent. All the boarders should be present at the roll call and prayer class.
  8. The hours fixed for the study are : (i) 6.30 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. & (ii) 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
  9. No boarder shall ordinarily be allowed to leave his room during study hours.
  10. No boarder shall go out of Hostel campus without the permission of the Superintendent.
  11. All boarders should be in the hostel from 6.00p.m. till 6.00 a.m. Absence from the hostel during these hours without permission of the Superintendent is strictly prohibited and will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
    • Monday to Saturday 4.00 P.M. to 5.45 P.M.
    • Sunday 8.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.
  13. Parents of boarders are allowed to visit their wards on any days with due permission from the superintendent.
  14. No boarder will be allowed to leave the hostel without a letter of authority from the parents or local guardian.
  15. Boarders cannot stay in the hostel during any vacation except in special circumstances like examinations.
  16. The hostels remain closed during the Pooja and the summer vacation
  17. A boarder shall inform the superintendent in writing before he leaves the hostel at the time of vacations.
  18. No boarder shall leave the hostel permanently unless he obtained the permission of the principal. An application for the purpose shall be made through the superintendent of the hostel who will ascertain that all dues in the hostel have been paid and that no damage is caused to the hostel while forwarding the application with a clearance certificate. The application shall be made by the parents or local guardian.
  19. All letters and communications to and from boarder will pass through the superintendent.
  20. Absence from the hostel continuously for one month will lead to forfeiture of the seat in the hostel.
  21. The internal management of the hostel rests with the Superintendent.
  22. Boarders should in all cases, obtain the permission of the Principal through the Superintendent before joining or taking part in any association or meeting outside the college.
  23. Any step by the students whether for convening meetings or circulating notices for raising subscription must receive the previous sanction of the Superintendent.
  24. The Superintendent has the power of censoring all reading matter brought into the hostel. The introduction of objectionable reading matter into the hostel will be regarded as a breach of discipline.
  25. The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline and has power to punish any boarder for breach or discipline. All cases of gross misconduct shall be reported to the Principal.
  26. The following will be considered as breach of discipline.
    • Absence from the hostel without leave.
    • Continued neglect of the study
    • Spitting around the rooms and veranda and throwing torn papers and leaves or the verandas.
    • Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the room.
    • Absence from the hostel in the evening without prior permission of the Superintendent.
    • Writing on or disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building.
    • Holding of any special meeting in the hostel without the prior approval of the Superintendent.
    • Bringing in guest to rooms without obtaining clearance from the Superintendent.
    • Keeping of pets, transistor, cameras, valuable ornaments and other electric or burning appliances.
    • Consuming or using any intoxicants like alcohol, gutkha, drugs, ganga etc. in the hostel.
    • Misbehaving with the hostel authorities, principal and the staff or the college.


  1. Boarders may be expelled from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent regarding disobedience of hostel rules.
  2. In case of communicable disease, the hostel authorities may expel the student from the hostel, if he refuses to be isolated.



  1. The college library contains more than 36,000 text and reference books.
  2. The library remains opened on all working days from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 pm.
  3. The period after 3.30 p.m on every working day is set apart for office work of the library.
  4. Only the staff and students of the college and persons with special permission of the principal may use the library.
  5. No book should be taken out of the Library without the knowledge of the Librarian.
  6. Borrower must examine the condition of the books while receiving otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later the presumption will be laid against the borrower.
  7. Books borrowed from the library must be returned to the Librarian.
  8. No writing or marking should be made in the library book and no pictures or pages be removed or otherwise disfigured. The borrower may be asked to replace the book if tampering with the book is noticed.
  9. Persons inside the library or its neighborhood are expected to observe strict silence.
  10. The library should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting books and periodicals of the library.
  11. Any other articles such as personal books, bags and umbrellas’ should not be brought into the library.
  12. Spitting, smoking, shouting and sleeping inside the library are strictly forbidden.
  13. The following table shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various categories of borrowers.
Sl. No. Category of Employee No. of books to be issued Time Permitted
1. Members of the teaching staff 25 02 month
2. Ministerial Staff Demonstrators Librarian/P.E.T 06 01 month
3. Honours students 03 15 days
4. Others 01 15 days
  1. A book once issued to a borrower may be re-issued to him only when nobody wants to take that book. Books to be issued should be presented to the librarian for necessary entries in the register before they are issued.
  2. Books for reference, text books, current issue of periodical, courses of studies shall not issued out of the library without the special permission of the principal.
  3. Members of the staff may borrow books from the library signing on a Loan Register, students are to borrow books on production of Library cards issued to them.
  4. Any book lost, damaged or defaced must be replaced by the borrower, if a book is out of a set or of series and the volumes cannot be obtained singly, the whole set or series must be replaced and the reader/borrower must pay an amount up to a maximum of triple the catalogue price of the book.
  5. In case the price of lost books are not ascertained, the borrower should pay compensation of an amount fixed by the Principal
  6. A borrower is supposed to have read the library rules and abide by them.


The student borrowers are subject to all the rules mentioned below.

  1. No student should enter into the library room without the permission of the librarian
  2. No one should enter into the library room with personal books.
  3. Perfect silence should be maintained inside the library


  1. The association shall be called the old students’ association, Rayagada College, Rayagada.
  2. The subjects of the association shall be
  1. To provide opportunities of social Inter-course and promote friendly relations between the old students and the present students and members of the college.
  2. To enable the old students of the college to take an active and healthy interest in the welfare of their ammeter and in the educational and cultural development of the area.
  3. Membership of the association shall be open to: all past students of the college.
  4. All members shall be required to pay an admission fee of Rs.2/- and an annual membership fee of Rs.10/- or a life membership fee of Rs.100/-.
  5. The management of the association shall rest in an executive committee consisting of:
  1. President- Principal (ex-officio)
  2. Two Vice-president among the members (excepting the college staff)
  3. Secretary
  4. Joint Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. 9 members


A Co-operative store has been functioning since 1976, it is registered under the Orissa Co-operative Societies Act. The store is also popularly known as RAYCOS.

The stores have been started with the following objects.

  1. Encouragement of self and thrift.
  2. The purchase of books, stationery and other articles required by the student.
  3. Dissemination of knowledge on co-operative principles.
  4. Performance of such other things as may be necessary for the furtherance of the above objects.

All student members or the staffs are eligible to be its members. A member is required to subscribe Rs.11-00 towards share capital and registration. The share capital from the students is collected at the time of the admission into the college.

The store is managed by a member of the Board of Directors. The directors shall be elected by the members of the store for tenure of 04 years as per the procedure prescribed by Co-operative societies Act.