Course Offered

+2 (Arts, Commerce, Science)

(For Arts, Science and Commerce Students) Performance of the students in Environmental Education will be assessed at the College level for 100 marks (70 marks for theory and 30 marks for project work) at the end of 1st year of +2 courses and the grades (A,B,C,D in order of merit) shall be recorded in the body of the Certificate given by the CHSE. The grade secured in the Env. Education will not affect the result of the candidate in any way. Students who have taken admission into +2 courses (1st yr – Arts, Science and Commerce) in 2013 will appear the Council Examination at the end of 2nd year. The examination will consist of 600 marks. The final result will be solely based on the performance in the 2nd year.

+3 (Arts, Commerce, Science)

This college imparts three year degree course in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology honours. A candidate has to choose one Honours subject among the mentioned subjects which carries 800 marks. In addition to the Honours subject, he/she has to choose one pass (general) subject carrying 400 marks, one minor elective carrying 100 marks, one major elective carrying 200 marks. The compulsory subjects are English carrying 50 marks, MIL carrying 50 marks, Environmental Science carrying 100 marks and Indian Society and Culture carrying 100 marks. In minor elective subject, the MPC group students have to take Biology and the CBZ group students have to take Mathematics.