Dr. Rakesh Kumar Swain



Name Dr. Rakesh Kumar Swain
Designation Lecturer in Zoology
Date of Joining 01-03-2021
Qualification MSc, PhD


Contact: +91-7978490891/+91-8984696828, rakesh.swain0107@gmail.com , rakeshswain@gmuniversity.ac.in


Class Qualification Institution/College Board/ University Div/ Distn Year of


Graduation B.Sc. Zoology Rayagada (Auto) College Berhampur University

1st/ Distn


Post Graduation M.Sc. Zoology Berhampur University Berhampur University





M.Phil. Zoology Berhampur University Berhampur University



Ph.D. Zoology Gangadhar Meher University Gangadhar Meher University


OTHERS PGDCA Infinity, Rayagada AECS,  Jharkhand




Teaching Experience:

S. No. From To Designation Institution/ University
01 2013 2014 Lecturer in Zoology [Adhoc] Rayagada Autonomous College, Rayagada
02 2014 2015 PGT in Zoology Govt. SSD Higher Secondary School, Siripur, Rayagada
03 2015 2017 Lecturer in Zoology (Guest) Rayagada Autonomous College, Rayagada
Other 2015 2016 NSS Program Officer Rayagada Autonomous College, Rayagada


Research Experience:

  • M.Phil. in Zoology- PG Department of Zoology, Berhampur University, Ganjam, Odisha [Awarded 2017]
  • Thesis title: Screening and insilico docking studies of potential drugs against Japanese encephalitis
  • PhD in Zoology [Translational Chronobiology] School of Zoology, Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur, Odisha [Awarded 2020]

Thesis title: Chronotype and social networking sites use-repercussions on excessive daytime sleepiness, behavioral sleep variables and performance among university students

  • Published eight research articles in SCI journals/ WoS journals.
  • Having experience and/or knowledge on SPSS statistical analysis.


List of papers published in SCI journals:

  • Swain RK, Pati AK. 2019. Habitual daily ‘Good Morning’ message senders reveal the status of their own circadian clock. Biological Rhythm Research. 51(5):735-746. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Arya S, Swain RK, Nayak HK, Pati AK. 2019. Circadian variations in foraging and resting/standing activity patterns of stray street cattle of urban Sambalpur, Odisha, India. Biological Rhythm Research. 51(7):1053-1065. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Swain RK, Pati AK. 2019. Circadian rhythm in behavioral activities and diurnal abundance of stray street dogs in the city of Sambalpur, Odisha, India. Chronobiology International. 36(12):1658-1670. [IF: 2.60] [ISSN:1525-6073]
  • Swain RK, Pati AK. 2019. Use of social networking sites (SNSs) and its repercussions on sleep quality, psychosocial behavior, academic performance and circadian rhythm of humans – a brief review. Biological Rhythm Research. 1-40. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Sahoo DK, Swain RK, Pati AK. 2019. Circannual rhythm in the production patterns of three economically important Brachyuran species of crabs. Biological Rhythm Research. 52(4): 504-516. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Diwan A, Swain RK, Minz S, Parganiha A, Pati AK. 2020. Ultradian, circadian, and circaseptan rhythms in the patterns of usage of Facebook messenger. Biological Rhythm Research. 1-10. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Mishra P, Mohanty AK, Swain RK, Parganiha A, Pati AK. 2020. Circannual production rhythms of seven commercially important fishes in the Chilika lagoon. Biological Rhythm Research. 1-23. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]
  • Swain RK, Minz S, Parganiha A, Diwan A, Pati AK. 2020. Circadian rhythm in the pattern of online usage of Facebook messenger during the COVID-19-triggered lockdown: a sequel to the pre-pandemic study. Biological Rhythm Research. 1-11. [IF: 0.69] [ISSN:1744-4179]